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    About us

    Saahil Wood (Private) Limited is an associate concern of Saahil Limited, Faisalabad. Saahil Wood has primarily been established for the purpose of manufacturing, trade and sale of wood related items. The scope of the company is to cater to all aspects of the wood industry from supply/consumption of raw material to value addition to our final product of veenered and laminated boards.
    We supply the following products.
    • Raw Wood
    • Core for Plywood
    • Chipboard
    • Plywood
    • Veenered Plywood
    • Veenered Chipboard
    • Laminated Chipboard
    • Laminated MDF


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    Manufacturing Facilities

    Saahil Wood (Private) Limited has been established using the latest Technology. At Saahil Wood it is our aim to attain the highest quality output while minimizing wastage and protecting the environment. Overall waste produced by the factories forms less that 1 % of all processed materials. All waste is used to produce green energy. Wood is a natural renewable material which creates very little waste during its lifecycle, delivering energy from wood-based bio-fuels. Wood processing industry does not exploit fossil fuel resources and is part of the nature’s natural carbon cycle.

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    Quality Control

    When a company thrives and grows for years, it says a lot about the way that company does business. At Saahil Wood, it illustrates the high standards we follow in everything we do - in manufacturing, customer service, competitive pricing, and delivery time.

    • Consistent color/shade from order to order
    • No white or black spotting
    • Controlled variables and tolerances
    • Ability to meet critical customer specifications on sheet size and packaging
    • Ability to hold tolerances of caliper, basis weight and moisture
    • Guillotine cutting/converting to exact specifications
    • Pallet is shrink wrapped and banded
    • Option to single stack or double stack sheets on pallets

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    Contact Us

    Factory Site

    Adhi Kot Khushab, Pakistan
    Contact Person: Ihsaan Afzal Khan
    Tel: +92 345 8676894
    Email: info@saahilwood.com.pk


    Registered Office

    Saahil Office, 12- Hunza Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Pakistan
    Tel: +92 42 3783130

    Faisalabad Office
    Saahil Limited, 1-Sheikhupura Road Faisalabad, Pakistan.
    Phone: +92 41 8782040-44